Lisbeth Salander, The Millenium Trilogy, and My Mother at Bookslut


I have a new Bombshell post at Bookslut, which celebrates it’s 100th issue. I have followed this odd, intelligent, and, above all, always surprising, on-line book review ever since my second novel No Ordinary Matter

Click here to read the Bookslut Review of No Ordinary Matter

was given in its webpages a review that was so unusually interesting and enlightened, it offered me new ways into my own work. In a perfect world, all book reviewing would be thus. (The review was by Colleen Mondor, who presently writes the excellent YA column Bookslut in Training.)  The internet is a strange place with many flaws and who knows where it will lead, but for now, if it gives us places to go like Bookslut, it’s nothing short of miraculous. I send all of my hearty congratulations to Bookslut founders Jessa Crispin and Michael Schaub.

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One Reply to “Lisbeth Salander, The Millenium Trilogy, and My Mother at Bookslut”

  1. Loved the column about Lisbeth Salandar — and review of No Ordinary Time. Just saw the second of the Salandar films last night, so timing was great for me. Guess it’s now clear that I also need to read the books. Perhaps on the plane to Italy.


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