Stefania Benvenuti, Artista



Jenny e Tommaso

I have four extraordinary sisters, and four more extraordinary stepsisters, but I also happen to have extraordinary sisters-in-law, one of whom is Stefania. She is an architect who lives in Florence but has recently begun to develop a body of work as a painter. She has always been, during the twenty odd years we have been legal sisters, a soulmate to me. This summer we spent the month of August together and wherever we went she painted, often leaving her paintings behind her as gretel left breadcrumbs. I am a great admirer of her art as well as of her dedication to her painting process. Whenever I see Stefania at work, I am profoundly inspired by her desire to create something beautiful and meaningful. As anyone knows who works as an artist in any field, that is no easy thing to muster, much less translate into something tangible.  Here are a few of Stefania’s paintings, many of which, by the way, are for sale.

Lettera a Jenny




Idaho 1
Idaho 2


La Torretta


Senza titolo 5
Senza titolo 6
Senza titolo 4
Senza titolo 7
Senza titolo 3
Senza titolo 9
Senza titolo 8


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