2 Replies to ““Our Generalized Amnesia”: My February Column at Bookslut on Women’s Lost Literature”

  1. Jenny, I can’t wait to read this book. Your column makes me think of a fabulous quote from my hetero-crush Johnny Depp. He was asked if he made a conscious decision to make Jack Sparrow (the character Depp plays in Pirates of the Caribbean) a gay pirate. Jack does indeed have a certain brute gay-ety about him (as does Depp know that I think about it…).

    Johnny Depp’s response was great. “Of course he’s gay. Don’t you know all my characters are gay.”

  2. Now I want to read Donoghue’s non-fiction; sounds excellent; you get so much into your reviews Jenny McPhee and do it beautifully and seamlessly. I am your endless fan!

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