Live from London: The Ultimate Field Trip! Part 1

Four students from The Bronx Academy of Letters–senior, Denise Reynoso and juniors, Renee Miller, Alison Joseph, and Kenneth Herrera–winners of a school wide essay contest visit us in London accompanied by English teacher extraordinaire Christian Clark. Listen to this amazing podcast from Christian Clark’s inspiring website in which the students discuss London, travel, theater (The School for Scandal, As You like It), education, writing, food, life. I’m very impressed by Christian’s interview tactics, how he uses circumlocution and conversational layering to deepen and expand the discussion. This subtle strategy allows the kids time to gain confidence in their words, ideas, selves and leads to stunning observations and revelations. I can’t wait for Part 2 which will include their trip to a high school and a critique of the Open Air Theatre production of Lord of the Flies.

“We’re recording now.”
“I like the tube.”
“I enjoy the weather.”
“I actually enjoy the people.”
“Well, it’s quite extravagent if you think about it. It’s a journey through a world different from the Americas.”
“The burgers are really good.”
“Is nature or nurture more important to intelligence?”
“This feels like a celebrity interview.”
“Thinking seems to be something you care about.”
“It’s inevitable I’m going to feel kind of jealous.”
“Why am I not given these opportunities?”
“It’s really about the student, what you want to be, where you want to go.”
“You can’t really feel jealous of something you can’t have.”
“At the end of it all, maybe they’re feeling the same way we are.”

Click here to listen:
Live from London: The Ultimate Field Trip

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