Sisters in Sicily: Mozzarella Direct from the Bufola

Martha and I, and our families, have come to the Ibla Grand Prize International Music Competitions and Festival 2012 in Sicily for ten days inspired by the magnificent Dr. Salvatore Moltisanti, President of the Ibla Foundation. On our first night in south eastern Sicily, a World Heritage Site of Eight Late Baroque Towns, Dr. Moltisanti jumped into his convertible and led us down the road and around a bend to a buffalo farm

where he promised we would eat the best mozzarella di bufola in the world.

We ate slabs of the creamiest cheese together with pomodorini cieligi and both Martha and I dreamed about it all night long. The next day we went back and bought ourselves some more of the manna for lunch.

3 Replies to “Sisters in Sicily: Mozzarella Direct from the Bufola”

  1. On the other hand, in Greensboro, NC, where Diane is performing and teaching at the Eastern Music Festival this month, no buffalo could survive, much less give milk, given that the temperature has pushed over 100 degrees F. daily. Stay cool, Dick.

  2. Stopping at Zinna next week and have been debating whether to pack yoga mat or not. Thanks you’ve made my mind up for me – look like the perfect spot to salute the sun! Namaste

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