Sisters in Sicily: In Search of Mula Bandha at the Villa Zinna

As serendipity would have it, or some higher power in any case, one of the board members of the Ibla Music Festival, the graceful and joyful Rebecca Madsen, is also a recent graduate of Jivamukti teacher training. The first morning here at the glorious Villa Zinna, I came upon Rebecca under a Sicilian Carruba Tree, an ancient tree known for its altruism, doing her practice. I asked if I could join and she welcomed me, and each morning since then we start our day in search of, among other things, Mula Bandha.

The Mula Bandha is notoriously elusive and difficult to maintain. All we can do is seek and try and every once and a while we succeed.

For others Mula Bandha just comes naturally…

After yoga we set off for Scicli to find “Christ in a Skirt.”

2 Replies to “Sisters in Sicily: In Search of Mula Bandha at the Villa Zinna”

  1. awesome. I went to a yoga/exercise the other day and almost passed out from fatigue. Have to stick to the slower classes.

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