On Being Scottish

“Some people think, absurdly enough, that to be Scotch or descended from the Scottish clans is to be rather strong, rather conservative, firm in faith, and all that.

The idea is one that should be completely exploded by this time. I think that the Scotch as a nation are the most difficult of all to characterize. Their traits and tendencies cover a wider field than those of any other.

To be Scotch is to be anything. There is no man so narrow as a Scotchman. There is no man so broad as a Scotchman. There is no mind so versatile as a Scotch mind.

At the same time only a Scotch mind is capable of clinging with bull-dog tenacity to one idea. A Scotch heart out of all, and through all, can be true as death. A Scotch heart–the same one–can be cunning and treacherous as false human hearts are made.

Ewen_Mac_Phee_the_Outlaw Ewan McPhee, The Outlaw

To be English is to have limits; the Germans, the French, the Russians–they have all some inevitable attributes to modify their genius. But one may be anything–anything, if one is Scotch.”

By Mary MacLane from I Await the Devil’s Coming (1902)

McPhee Tartan

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