Silver Linings (1)

Hello and Happy Saturday,

I have been looking around for silver linings to all this mayhem and terror over COVID-19 and one of them, for me, is the intention to return to posting on my blog which I have really missed. Over the coming weeks, I would like to use my blog to share any silver linings I come across with you as often as I can. For example, on my morning run in Riverside Park today I came across this:


The shells sitting precariously on a little ledge of a massive stone wall in a public park was surprising and delightful, but also mysterious, comforting, odd, and evocative. But what I loved most of all about these shells sitting on a wall was that they made me stop and wonder. Wonder is an exquisite antidote to fear.

While on my run I listened to this 9 minute special podcast from “The Daily” entitled “A Bit of Relief” with three very short excerpts from books that seem particularly relevant to our present moment in a really good way.

I also found the journalist Pete Hessler’s perspective on how we need to take care of our mental health during times of quarantine refreshing. He and his family are currently living in Chengdu and are a few months ahead of us in dealing with the virus.

And finally (for today), many in our family and many friends live in Florence (Italy), and medical supplies are indeed hard to come by there. Michele and Stefania (my brother-in-law and sister-in-law), both architects (here pictured), have a very good friend who is a nurse. The hospital where she works issues one face mask to her every four or five days, which is hardly sufficient, so Michele and Stefania have figured out how to make masks for her. PHOTO-2020-03-14-11-03-16



Have any silver linings you’d like to share? Please post in the comments.

On we go!

3 Replies to “Silver Linings (1)”

  1. One silver lining may be that humans start realising how interdependent we all are for getting our needs met. Maybe some will have time and begin to examine the absurdity of how wealth is distributed in a commodified set of social relations. Maybe some will start on the road of emancipating themselves from commodification.

    Common ownership and democratic control of the collective product of labour and natural resources by an association producers who know that the condition for the freedom of each is the condition for the freedom of all under a changed mode of producing and distributing wealth, one where the commodification of wealth for sale has been abolished and the distribution of wealth according to need has been established. To get to this classless democracy, a proletarian democracy may be necessary, one where the labour time of one is valued equally with the labour time of another doing work which is socially necessary i.e. garbage collection or neurosurgery and so on.

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