Silver Linings (8) Falling in Love with the Future

heart galaxy

I am a devotee of podcasts and listen when I run or clean, both of which I am doing a lot of right now. This morning I listened to one of my favorite podcasts from the BBC Radio 3 called Arts & Ideas and their most recent episode is entitled “Future Thinking.” In it, one of the guests talks about imagining what is happening to us right now as falling deeply and madly in love. Everything in our lives will change going forward and we will rethink how we approach our future in so many interesting, compassionate, and ethical ways. It’s a great, positive podcast so have a listen and perhaps we can find a way to fall in love with our future as we navigate this sudden and wild change in our lives.

From our Italian Friends: Home mask production continues…



And finally check out La Regina Della Cucina over at Martha’s blog and see how her garden is growing. I hear that beyond raising sweet peas she is also bringing up some chicks…stay tuned.

One Reply to “Silver Linings (8) Falling in Love with the Future”

  1. Love that you’re doing this. And totally enjoying Martha’s posts. I’ve never listened to podcasts –not really sure what they are. It may be time for me to expand beyond the New York Times online and the PBS News Hour on TV once a day. Am happy that I can get ebooks from library. Keep the posts coming. They are cheering.

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