Silver Linings (13) Antimacassar, Gloaming, Hoi Polloi, Kerfuffle, Lugubrious, Tintinnabulation


One of my favorite podcasts is Radiotopia’s “The Allusionist: Adventures in Language” hosted by Helen Zaltzman. Recently she asked her listeners to send in their favorite calming words and she reads them in her mellifluous English accent in a brief episode (10 minutes) to help us soothe our inner monologue. Is your favorite soothing word here? She also has a soothing 3 minute episode in which she reads the lyrics to “Imagine” by John Lennon with the words arranged in reverse alphabetical order.

Another favorite podcast is NPR’s “Code Switch” exploring how race intersects with every aspect of our lives. Lift your spirits by listening to this recent episode featuring the music of Flor de Toloache, an all-women Mariachi Group.

Here’s a lovely Letter from France from my dear friend, the war correspondent Janine di Giovanni who was just awarded the American Academy of Arts and Letters 2020 Blake-Dodd Prize for her achievements in nonfiction.

And more from Martha on the progress of her Victory Garden and what’s she’s reading.



2 Replies to “Silver Linings (13) Antimacassar, Gloaming, Hoi Polloi, Kerfuffle, Lugubrious, Tintinnabulation”

  1. These Silver Linings are priceless. Thank you for keeping them coming. You’re going to persuade me to listen to a podcast before this thing is over with.

  2. You could listen while you’re making bread (which is so delicious and we are so grateful, Luca is ecstatic and sends his gratitude). But I imagine you listen to music. Send along anything you’re listening to that I can post. xx

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