Silver Linings (17) Discovering the Other Queen Mother


On my run in Riverside Park today, I was listening to a favorite podcast which I will get to in a minute, and heard about for the first time the hugely important and influential activist and civil rights leader Audley Moore, better known as Queen Mother Moore. The Queen Mother lived for a very long time (1898-1997) and did repeatedly miraculous things during that extended period for our country and world in terms of fighting tirelessly for social justice. And yet, I, well-educated feminist who reads widely had never heard of her. My failing, yes, but more importantly, it is a cultural, historical, national failing that Audley Moore is not a household name. Her legacy is huge and you can read more about her here. I won’t go on about women, and especially black women, being written out of history, denying our culture of so much inspiration, so much true wealth. But I could.

The podcast I was listening to is the latest series, their fourth, from Scene on the Radio entitled “The Land That Never Has Been Yet” exploring the roots and development of democracy in America and is so very relevant to where we are right now as a country. I first discovered this podcast with their second series, “Seeing White,” which explores the concept of “whiteness” and transformed my view of my country and myself. Each episode was a revelation–allowing for whole new ways of seeing. I cannot recommend these podcasts highly enough. And though many of these revelations are hard to bear, ultimately I felt and feel uplifted, a great sense of our possibility as a people.

And here’s another park discovery:



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