Silver Linings (19) The Mother of Invention

Necessity, they say, is the mother of invention. And around the world innovation is happening at rapid speed in the face of necessity. Today I read about a physicist who is using technology for holographic protein binding to potentially form the basis for a highly accurate, easily administered, fast, and affordable test for the coronavirus. And I came across this amazing Exquisite Corpse Dance performance bringing together 42 choreographers in a “love letter to dance.” But the mother of all inventions in response to the ever changing and increasing needs of our times has come from our Italian friends who can be, well, the embodiment of sheer genius. (Though he is speaking Italian, I assure you no translation is necessary.)


And the latest delivery from Rick–Borscht!


One Reply to “Silver Linings (19) The Mother of Invention”

  1. My mask dilemma solved! And I just did the laundry too! The borscht looks splendid in that gorgeous serving bowl: that’s some high-style quarantining!

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