Silver Linings (35) We Are The Beauty Mark of the Universe

universe 1.jpg

“Scientists on Wednesday announced that they were perhaps one step closer to understanding why the universe contains something rather than nothing.” So begins the latest gem of science writing from Dennis Overbye of The New York Times featuring that diva of a particle the neutrino. My first novel, The Center of Things, brings together thematically, and juxtaposes, classic Hollywood cinema and quantum mechanics. While writing the book, Overbye’s unbelievably eloquent articles in the Science Times section, making the incomprehensible accessible to the likes of me, were my guide and bible. Fun Fact 1: Much to my delight, he ended up reviewing my novel when it was published. Fun Fact 2: I published this book in 2001 when my sons were toddlers and as far as I know they have never read it. The eldest is a physicist and the younger an aspiring Hollywood actor.

More from Lina:


Here is some more coloring book art you can print at home.

For example, Claudia Comte’s “The Italian Bunnies,” 2019


Some short stories, emphasis on the short since none of us has any attention span left, you might like:

Translated by Jenny McPhee and extracted from The Penguin Book of Italian Short Stories, The Miraculous Beach is a story that demonstrates the power of our imagination to transport us to somewhere we’d rather be.

And I loved this in the NYR Daily:

Eating Olives at the End of the World












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