Silver Linings (36) An Elegant Woman


My sister Martha, the family chronicler, for whom I have the best kind of envy on a good day, who inspires me always to be the best I can be, to do more, and to do better (we try to make competition work for us whenever possible 🙂 ) has a brilliant new novel coming out on June 2 called An Elegant Woman. We are going to do all we can from our respective confinements to celebrate and promote this book and give it all the exposure it deserves. After all, the novel was inspired by my very complicated and indeed very elegant Grammy Brown who once said to me, “You’re the kind of girl over which men blow out their brains.” And that was one of her milder statements. For a little taste go here.

Over the next few weeks, Martha and I will be inviting you to virtual readings and book events related to An Elegant Woman so we hope you will join us at some of these and, of course, we hope you will buy the book, love it, and tell everyone you know about it.

3 Replies to “Silver Linings (36) An Elegant Woman”

  1. Oh Jenny. Can’t wait to read this book. That quote is so Grammy. When she was forcing me to get a new coat at Jenny Banta’s, which I didn’t need or want, but that she was paying for, she said, “just until your ship comes in.” I didn’t know until later that was code for “you will pay me back.” But I think my favorite of her double-edged compliments– when I was living in New York and trying different hair colors and styles and spending most weekends in Ridgewood at Barbara’s, she told me I was “on the verge of becoming attractive.” That I was a “late bloomer,” paled next to that. Am enjoying Silver Linings very much. Keep at it.

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