Silver Linings (38) 7pm in New York City


Every evening at 7pm, the local firehouse on W. 113th St. brings out a firetruck and turns on the siren. We go to our window with a pan and ladle and bang and clap along with our neighbors expressing our thanks for the frontline workers risking their lives to keep us healthy and fed in NYC. Ayane, my eight-year-old daughter, got the idea of painting some rocks we’d collected long ago on a beach to offer an additional “Thank u!” to the our fellow New Yorkers who every day show us they’ve got our backs. Ayane has arranged the rock message in a flower bed on W. 113th St. for everyone who walks by to see.

And as we continue to be cooped up, it is very important to maintain an exercise routine. Here’s one I highly recommend:



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