Silver Linings (45) Sofia Lafuente

Sofia lafuente.jpg

While we were living in London (for 12 years!), we met the Donovan-Lafuente family (who happen to make an appearance in my dad’s recent New Yorker article “Tabula Rasa”) early on. They lived not far from us in Fulham by the Putney Bridge. Our kids were the same age and went to the same local school. When I met Sofia, she must have been around 7 years old. I watched Sofia develop her passion for music, grow into an artist, and make the decision to pursue her dream at all costs. Her devotion to her art, to all art, has always been deeply inspiring to me. And to boot, she’s fun and funny and all around adorable.

Her approach to our present predicament is so beautiful it made me cry, made me remember and embrace yet again the words of the universe that the world is “tipped toward joy”:

“On April 14th , 2020 I posted a video asking creatives around the world to send me clips of work they had created during the quarantine period put in place to combat the COVID -19 outbreak. I asked for videos of art, dance, nature, cooking or anything that had helped them cope during an uncertain time. I received so many videos that I decided to split them up into categories recording a different cover for each.”           -Sofia Lafuente



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