Silver Linings (48) Mondegreen, Misogynoir, Locavore, Imposter Syndrome, Glass Cliff, Ada

words and women.jpg

These are a few of the terms and Words That Women Have Coined

“Between the writers who create worlds we love to visit and the activists who coin the words we use to tell our stories, women are the driving force behind a lot of our speech. Except many of us don’t even realize it.” Of course.


coronavirus crossword.jpg


And while we’re on the subject of words, here’s a great and informative Lexicon of #Coronaspeak. 




And finally, from the podcast “The Allusionist” another Tranquillusionist mini episode (11 minutes–perfect for a daily meditation) in which Helen Zaltzman, for the purposes of calming a frazzled brain, reads the winners of Best In Show at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. It’s awesome and totally does the trick.

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