Silver Linings (50) Frida Kahlo: I Portray Myself

Frida Kahlo.jpeg

The Museo Dolores Olmedo, itself a monument to female innovation and creativity, recently organized a stunning exhibit of Frida Kahlo’s work exploring the painter behind the iconic figure by showing us the path that led Kahlo to become the global representative of Mexican art that she is today. Here is the virtual tour of the galleries displaying the exhibit Frida Kahlo: I Portray Myself .


Casa Azul.jpg

The Casa Azul, where I have always wanted to go, has an amazing virtual tour of the house which I discovered on Kayak’s collection of virtual vacations.


This past Halloween when I asked Ayane what she wanted to be, assuming I would hear a character from Teen Titans Go or Black Panther, she surprised me by saying “Frida Kahlo.”


One of Ayane’s favorite books is Frida Kahlo and her Animalitos.



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