There is no silver lining today

Yesterday was another especially brutal day in the US in terms of racial justice. Or not. It’s just we now have the videos to show what is simply another day for the black citizens of our country. Life-threatening harassment while bird-watching, being murdered for going on a run, police brutality ending in cruel death. Not to mention the unequal access to healthcare Covid-19 daily lays bare. Yesterday, everyday, I am ashamed to be a white American who has not done enough to ensure that my fellow Americans have all the same basic freedoms to exist that I have. There is no silver lining here.

2 Replies to “There is no silver lining today”

  1. Hi Jenny—just wanted to reach out to say how much I share your sentiment. Beyond horrific and it is relentless. I’ve been reading Bryan Stevenson this last week which also paints the picture as it’s been through recent history. Sending love, big hug to you—Lynne


  2. You couldn’t be more right! So discouraging, so sad. Appreciate all your thoughtful comments.

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