Confronting July 4th: Support the Coalition to Honor Black and Indigenous Activists


My great friend, the activist Anne Maguire, is part of the Coalition to honor black and indigenous activists who have organized a march and rally on July 4th in NYC.

Here is the plan:

“The world appears to be changing very quickly, but of course it isn’t. There are decades (centuries, really) of activism behind the uprising against racism we are witnessing and participating in on our streets. This combustion of energy is the result of years of hard work by activists who never gave up despite the violent racism at the heart of the American system.

Confronting July 4th: Honoring Black and Indigenous Activists is a march and rally to acknowledge and celebrate the organizing of activists. We will march from the east side of Ft. Greene Park in Brooklyn to the Bandshell in Prospect Park. After the march, we will have a rally with speakers, performers and DJs. Celebrating a new way to think about this “Independence Day,” and our future.

July 4th is only days away and we are working hard to make this happen and we need YOUR help.”

Here’s the link to their GoFundMe. Please do whatever you can to help. And if you’re in NYC, join the march and rally!

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