Support the Abbey of Passignano

Dear Friends, Family, Italophiles, Art and Architecture Lovers, Good People,

I find myself for the past few months in the Tuscan countryside riding out what, on a good day, can feel like the end of the world (bad days have me traipsing through one circle or another of Dante’s Inferno). In any case, if the world is going to end, I have to say Tuscany is not a bad place to go down with it. I have, however, for some time been trying to understand and practice gratitude in a deeper way and part of that gratitude involves appreciating fully where I am, and what I see and experience in the here and now. Every day I look out my window in one direction and see the towers of San Gimignano, in the other direction I see the crenellated walls and the bell tower of the Abbey of Passignano. So when my neighbor, the indefatigable Lia Corsi, asked if I would join the committee to raise money to help preserve and restore the Abbey’s north-east facade, I felt as if I’d been given a gift.

The Abbey, which you can read much more about when you press the link below, is a magical place with a weird and wonderful history. I am appealing to you to help me help the Vallumbrosan monks maintain their extraordinary landmark for the good of the greater community and beyond through this crowdfunding campaign, and that you share it as widely as you can. If you can give anything at all, even $5, you will help me make a very “bella figura” here in my Tuscan community, and I will also promise to give you a personal tour of the Abbey including the Ghirlandaio fresco of the Last Supper in the refectory and the extensive wine cellars now run by the Antinori family–and we shall sip a glass together of their extraordinary Badia A Passignano Chianti Classico.

In gratitude,

A presto,


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