What My Super-Creative Mega-Inspiring Friends (And Family) Are Up To: Exquisite Pandemic

Editor: Rick Whitaker Associate Editor: Beverly Brooks

Exquisite Pandemic 

February 2021


photographs by jonathan dawe 

Jessica Gould     Sayeeda copeland     Minc     Michael Hickins     Francesco di Benedetto    

Walter Holland     Ilka Scobie     Tim Shaner     Zachary Pace     

Naomi Bess Leimsider    Giuseppe Gullo     Michael Carroll     

Mark Svenvold     Sean SingerNorman Fischer    

Daniel Edward Moore     Anna Monardo    Edmund White   

Richard Howard     Kinton Ford

I have written about my great friend and soulmate Rick Whitaker here before but his latest venture takes the cake. Exquisite Pandemic is an entirely unique, gorgeous, intriguing, challenging, hugely entertaining artistic enterprise and I urge you all to check it out before it’s too late–and don’t miss the archive. The energy and ingenuity it takes to create something like this is phenomenal. Bravo Rick and my gratitude to you for making our pandemic more tolerable, indeed exquisite. So please have a look and then subscribe, contribute, donate, enjoy.


The Editor as Frida

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