A Virtual Support Campaign for the Bronx Academy of Letters, the Astonishing NYC Public School that Just Keeps Thriving With Your Help

(Ignore the dates! The campaign has been extended!)

As many of you know by now, way back in 2003 my sister Joan had an idea for a public school based on the simple idea that if you can write well, you can do anything. So she pulled together a founding team and we somehow managed to get the school up and running in Mott Haven, where after ups and downs, highs and lows, expanding to a middle school (yay! elementary school next!) and now Covid-19, this little engine that could is still steaming ahead with the help of people like you.

Access to a quality education is fundamental not only to an equitable world, but to a healthy, happy, wonderful world where we can all survive and thrive.

Check out the amazing ways you can help out here.

And if you fancy an experience with one of NYC’s amazing chefs who love our school, including Eric Ripert, Kwame Onwuachi, Danny Bowien, and Gabrielle Hamilton, check it out here and buon appetito!

And here is an update on what is happening at the school.

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