2 Replies to “Home”

  1. Hello, Jenny,
    I just finished reading your remarkable piece in the Sunday Times, I thank you for it. I am 68 and caregiver for my parents who are both 90. So much in your story resonated with me about what is going on with my mother, especially. What brought me sadness most though, was reading about your sisters and the relationship that you have with one another. I do not have that with my sister and I realize the void that exists my life because of that. Know that you are so very fortunate and that you created a story that will resound with so many of us out there in the world. I would love to have known your mother, how remarkable to read what she did with her life after her divorce. That was not typical then and you must be so very proud.
    I am an artist also, paint is my medium, however I read constantly and love what you compose.
    Just wanted to tell you what your story evoked in me and thank you for that.

    Be well, continue to do what you do so well,

    Cynthia Rutherford
    231 838 0713

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